Dental Aesthetics

Laser teeth whitening or the application of dental veneers are essential solutions if you want to achieve a smile that inspires confidence and happiness.

At Ogodent Dental Clinic in Ploiesti, we are committed to achieving spectacular results for every patient, whether they opt for the teeth whitening procedure or the application of dental veneers.

Professional teeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening is among the most sought-after dental aesthetic procedures. However, it's crucial to stress that such treatments should only be administered by a dentist, ensuring utmost safety and employing professional-grade whitening gels.

Many individuals desire a brighter, whiter smile, and at Ogodent, we prioritize offering effective yet minimally invasive dental aesthetic treatments.

We aim to utilize the most efficient teeth whitening techniques that are gentle and pain-free, ensuring our patients not only achieve a whiter smile but also enjoy a pleasant and comfortable experience.


Useful Information

Professional in-office laser tooth whitening

Teeth whitening with the Epic X laser from Biolase USA is one of the most effective procedures for achieving a bright smile and is among the most requested services at Ogodent Ploiesti dental clinic.

This procedure is completely painless and is considered the best option for teeth whitening in Ploiesti. The main causes of teeth whitening are poor dental hygiene, harmful habits such as smoking or excessive alcohol consumption, advancing age, certain medications or excessive fluoride exposure.

When your smile loses its shine, teeth whitening is recommended after a professional consultation and cleaning.

Wondering what the benefits of professional laser teeth whitening at Ogodent Ploiesti dental clinic are?

  • Immediate effect, thanks to the action of the most advanced dental laser.
  • Resistance of tooth colour for a long time (between 3 and 5 years).
  • Does not affect tooth enamel.
  • Does not cause sensitivity and has no side effects.
  • The procedure is completely painless.
  • The treatment session lasts approximately one hour.

After the whitening procedure, your teeth will be whiter and your smile will be brighter, especially if you follow your dentist's advice for maintaining the effects of teeth whitening in the long term.

Teeth whitening with mouthguards - At Home in Ploiesti

Teeth whitening with at-home mouthpieces involves applying the gel in custom-made, laboratory-made mouthpieces.

These mouthguards must be worn in the oral cavity for at least 6 hours, and are best worn while sleeping. The results obtained with this method will be visible more slowly, as home teeth whitening is carried out with gels of lower concentration than those used in the laser teeth whitening procedure.

If you wish to undergo this procedure, we recommend that you schedule a prior consultation at the Ogodent dental clinic in Ploiesti. After a detailed analysis, the dentist will be able to recommend the most suitable teeth whitening option, taking into account your individual needs and characteristics.

Causes of teeth yellowing

The main causes of yellowing teeth are smoking, drinking coffee, red wine, black tea and coloured foods. Foods that cause yellowing of teeth are foods that contain dyes, but also berries, soy and tomato sauces, beetroot or balsamic vinegar. Drinking carbonated beverages can also cause teeth yellowing.

Other causes include:

  • Aging. As we get older the structure of the teeth changes leading to yellowing of the teeth.
  • Excess fluorosis (fluorosis) can affect the teeth. These are contained in the water we drink or in toothpaste.
  • Certain medicines can cause yellowing of the teeth.
  • Poor dental hygiene. Lack of proper dental hygiene (brushing your teeth at least twice a day) can lead to yellowing teeth.

Contraindications of tooth whitening

Teeth whitening can only be performed on healthy teeth, free of tartar, decay or other diseases. All dental problems must be treated before starting the teeth whitening procedure.

The teeth whitening procedure is contraindicated for people with dental hypersensitivity, dental erosions or diseases of the internal enamel structure. It is important to note that teeth whitening treatments only work on natural teeth. Dental work and fillings do not change colour following the teeth whitening procedure.

How to maintain the effects of professional teeth whitening as long as possible?

To ensure the longest-lasting effect of teeth whitening, it's advisable to refrain from smoking and consuming coloured foods and beverages, particularly within the initial 48 hours post-procedure.

Ideally, it's best to avoid these for up to two weeks following teeth whitening.

To sustain the long-term benefits of the treatment, maintaining excellent dental hygiene is crucial. Regular hygiene sessions at the dentist's office every six months further contribute to preserving the results of the treatment.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are the ideal choice to achieve a brilliant smile and increase social and professional success.

At Ogodent Dental Clinic in Ploiesti, we encourage the use of dental veneers in cases where aesthetic improvements are needed, such as:

  • Unsightly interdental spaces;
  • Dental crowding;
  • Intrinsic staining (tetracycline, fluoride) of teeth;
  • Unsightly shapes and sizes of certain teeth;
  • Unsightly irregular tooth surfaces.

Choosing professional dental veneers comes with multiple advantages:

  • Requires minor sanding of the outer surface of the teeth (2 mm);
  • Preserves the vitality of the tooth;
  • They are very physiognomic;
  • No metal backing, no black shadows appear on the gums;
  • Texture and translucency similar to natural teeth;
  • No allergic reactions due to biocompatibility of ceramics;
  • Ceramic dental veneers are the most physiognomic, but also the most delicate restorations;
  • The dental veneers made in the Ogodent Ploiesti dental clinic are computer-milled using the CAD-CAM (computer-aided design aided manufacturing ) process;
  • The ceramics used are VITA Zahnfabrik, manufactured exclusively in Germany and Switzerland.