Prices and Dental Services

We offer the right treatment solutions that bring appreciation and gratitude to patients for being well-treated.

To ensure that every patient can afford the dental treatment they need, we offer alternative payment plans. Thus, in addition to the classic methods of payment (cash, card, money order) we have implemented for you a system of payment in instalments of up to 6 months, without interest, at Banca Transilvania through the Star BT program.

Patients and their families who have Signal Iduna and Allianz Țiriac health insurance also benefit from substantial discounts on the cost of dental treatment.

The current offer for policyholders is:

  • 50% discount on the cost of specialist consultations
  • 10% discount on all dental treatments


Prophylaxis - Dental cosmetics


Specialized consultation and treatment plan 170 RON
Ultrasonic / arcadiation removal 150 RON
Professional brushing/grooming 50 RON
Air flow / grooming 150 RON
Complete hygiene (scaling, airflow, oral hygiene instruction) 400 RON
Periodic sanitation 6 months / 1 year 350 RON
Orthodontic appliance cleaning (6 months) 350 RON
In-office whitening treatment with BIOLASE laser (first session) 1300 RON
In-office whitening treatment with BIOLASE laser (second session) 800 RON
Home whitening treatment with Opalescense 16% kit and gutiere included (8 nights) 1500 RON
Rigid bruxism / arch brace 450 RON
Elastic bruxism / arch brace 400 RON


Therapy - Cosmetic Endodontics




Specialist endodontic consultation 170 RON
Composite filling 1 surface 300 RON
Composite filling 2 surface 350 RON
Composite filling 3 surfaces with base filling (CIS/Dycal) 400 RON
Complex coronal reconstruction with composite 450 RON
Root canal treatment 400 RON
Endodontic treatment of single tooth with root canal filling 500 RON
Endodontic treatment of a multi-radicular tooth, two canals, with root canal filling 550 RON
Endodontic treatment of multi-root canal tooth, 3 canals, with root canal filling 650 RON
Endodontic treatment of single root teeth with root canal filling 550 RON
Endodontic treatment of pluriradicular tooth with a root canal filling  700 RON
Endodontic drainage 300 RON






Full metal-ceramic crown 790 RON
Ceramic crown on ZIRCONIUM support / tooth 1600 RON
ZIRCONIUM ceramic crown on implant 1650 RON
ZIRCONIUM ceramic crown screwed on implant 1700 RON
METAL-CERAMIC crown on implant 1300 RON
Laboratory made provisional ACRYLIC crown on implant 300 RON
Metal-ceramic crown screwed on the implant 1450 RON
Temporary ACRYLIC crown on tooth made in the office 150 RON
ACRYLIC provisional crown on tooth made in laboratory 250 RON
Crown ablation 70 RON
Prosthetic bridge on the implant (titanium) 150 EUR
Prosthetic bridge on the implant (Zirkon) 200 EUR
Cementing with ionomer cement / element 100 RON
EMAX full ceramic veneer 1700 RON
LI-SI CERAMIC veneer 1700 RON
Study Model 250 RON
RCR with ionomer cement 250 RON
RCR fibreglass 350 RON
Kemeny denture 1-3 teeth 500 RON
Acrylic partial/full denture (includes two retentive controls) 2400 RON
In-office denture capping 150 RON
Skeleton dentures with special systems 4200 RON
Implant overdenture with special systems (4-6 implants) 8500 RON












Consultation periodontology specialist periodontist 170 RON
Sterilization of periodontal bags 1 laser tooth BIOLASE USA 350 RON
Periodontal sterilization 2-4 teeth laser BIOLASE USA 700 RON
Sterilization of periodontal bags 4-8 teeth laser BIOLASE USA 1000 RON
Sterilization of periodontal bags > 8 teeth BIOLASE USE 1500 RON
Laser gingival reshaping (gingivectomy) / arch 1500 RON
Guided tissue regeneration with free gingival graft harvested from palate 2-4 teeth 800 EUR
Edentulous ridge reconstruction with Bio-Oss and collagen membrane 2500 EUR
A-PRF harvesting 600 RON
Flap operation, periodontal pocket curettage with Bio-Oss/arch addition 2000 EUR
Periodontal pocket curettage with Bio-Oss addition 2 - 4 teeth 3000 RON
Manual open field curettage and laser sterilisation of periodontal pockets with BIOLASE USA / arch 4500 RON
Emdogain gel application + Perf gel 15 ml 1000 RON
Gingivectomy with BIOLASE LASER / tooth 350 RON
BIOLASE LASER Frenectomy 500 RON


Dental implantology




Implantology consultation implantologist 170 RON
Implant Bredent Blue Sky (Germany) 650 EUR
Bredent Implant Sky Classic (Germany) 650 EUR
AlphaBio Implant (Israel) 550 EUR
Implant removal 500 RON
External sinus lift with Bio-Oss addition 1500 EUR
Internal sinus lift with Bio-Oss addition 500 EUR
Healing cap fitted 250 RON
Blood harvest for A-PRF  600 RON


Dental surgery




Specialized consultation 170 RON
Single tooth extraction 300 RON
Extraction of pluriradicular tooth 350 RON
Periodontal tooth extraction 200 RON
Temporary tooth extraction with injectable anaesthesia 200 RON
Canine extraction included 900 RON
Simple wisdom molar extraction (erupted) 400 RON
Extraction of wisdom molar semi-included 500 RON
Extraction of wisdom molar embedded in bone in vertical position  600 RON
Removal of wisdom molar embedded in bone in oblique position 700 RON
Extraction of wisdom molar embedded in bone in the horizontal position 800 RON
Extraction of root remnant  300 RON
Alveolaplastic extraction 400 RON
Classic decapping 300 RON
BIOLASE laser decapping 400 RON
Canine root planing for orthodontic purposes 500 RON
Laser frenectomy  450 RON
Abscess incision 250 RON
Alveolar ridge regularization edentulous/hemiarch 800 RON
Apical resection (premolar frontals with endodontic filling)  1000 RON
Apical molar resection with endodontic filling  1500 RON
Alveolitis treatment 250 RON
Pericoronitis medication treatment  250 RON
Cystectomy 2-3 teeth with intraoperative endodontic fillings  2500 RON






Children consultation 170 RON
Ultrasound/arch extraction 100 RON
Periodic air-flow prophylaxis in both arches 150 RON
Professional brushing/arch 50 RON
Topical flower treatment both arches 150 RON
Complete hygiene (ultrasonic scaling + airflow) 250 RON
Temporary tooth extraction with injectable anaesthesia 200 RON
Braces for bruxism/arch 450 RON
Composite temporary tooth/photo filling 200 RON
Prophylactic sealing/permanent tooth 250 RON
Endodontic treatment temporary tooth 250 RON










Orthodontic consultation orthodontic specialist 170 RON
Secondary consultation (interpretation of teleradiography + treatment plan) 100 RON
Fixed partial METALLIC appliance 1300 RON
MOBILE appliance for children 1500 RON
Circuit breaker 1500 RON
Fixed orthodontic appliance/arch brace with METAL brackets 2800 RON
Fixed orthodontic braces/arch braces with SAPPHIRE brackets  3800 RON
Lingual shield 900 RON
Removal of fixed braces + fixed bracket/arch 800 RON
Orthodontic appliance for functional rehabilitation (trainer)  850 RON
Application of traction pins/hooks/element 30 RON
Spiral spring/piece 50 RON
Transpalatal spring/lingual spring  450 RON
Ring cementing with tubular/molar 100 RON
Periodic inspection of mobile device  120 RON
Fixed appliance/arch control and activation 120 RON
Containment guide 450 RON
Occlusion / hemi-arch elevations 350 RON
Broken Niti spring replacement 80 RON
Broken steel spring replacement 80 RON
Metal bracket replacement and rewelding 100 RON
Sapphire bracket replacement and repositioning 150 RON
Delaire mask 850 RON
Kemeny fixed space maintainer 500 RON
Mini dental implant 1000 RON
Study/arch model + diagnostic photos  200 RON
Change of metal spring for fixed appliance 50 RON
Change of physiognomic arch fixed appliance  80 RON
Tooth stripping/selective stripping  50 RON

* Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the case, the time required for the work and the professional degree and experience of the doctor conducting the treatment.

* Prices may vary depending on the doctor's fee.

* The clinic reserves the right to change prices at any time.