Temporary teeth or milk teeth

stomatologie-pediatricaTemporary teeth or milk teeth are the first teeth that appear on small child’s dental arch.
These teeth are structurally similar to permanent teeth, that has a crown and a root (which houses the nerve root) but smaller than the next generation of teeth. Due to the presence of nerve, these teeth are sensitive to physical stimulation (cold, warm) and chemical (sweet, sour and acid). Temporary tooth decay arises from poor nutrition, lack of hygiene or both cases associated.

Baby Bottle Caries

Baby bottle caries or baby bottle caries syndrome is a cavity with early onset and unfortunately rapid development due to improper diet of infant or child. This condition, if it is left untreated, can lead to tooth damage and, in some aggravating form, may extend to surrounding bone tissue, can affect the development of permanent dentition.

Shortly after the appearance of milk teeth we can already observed in some cases generalized damage of teeth. Causative factor is wrong nutrition, being that bedtime to fall asleep, the child is given sweetened liquid (milk, tea or juice) without doing further cleaning teeth. Thus, the sugar acts on the teeth while producing caries.

Baby bottle tooth decay is a major dental problem very common for children under three years old. It tends to affect the visible front teeth. The four upper front teeth are most commonly affected, while the lower incisors are very common and protected from tongue during suckling and then wash the saliva, remaining usually intact.

Temporary teeth are treated like permanent teeth, trying to keep them on the arch as much as possible. If tooth extraction is needed, we will opt for a space maintainer.

Temporary teeth’s cleaning is an important element in maintaining the vitality and presence on the arch until you have drawn. Cleaning starts right at the time that the arch teeth. This cleaning is done initially by parents with a compress soaked in water, and as the child grows may also use age-appropriate toothbrushes.

Although some parents think that temporary teeth’ cavities should not be treated, for the simple reason that these teeth are extracted is wrong, this will only cause permanent damage to teeth replacements.