The Orthodontic issues are usually treated by installing a dental orthodontic device. Dental orthodontic devices are usually made from metallic wires attached by small metal plates or by matrices made from plastic.

Orthodontic devices apply light forces on the teeth and make them to move for alignment correction.

Best results are obtained from children whose jaws are still growing; also many adults can take the advantage of orthodontic treatment, but in these cases the treatment takes much longer.



Fixed orthodontic device is used for to straighten crooked or misaligned teeth, or to correct wrong bites.In general the patients are coming to orthodontic physician leaded by the wish to have a beautiful smile, but the physician will choose the right solution only after he analyze full teeth x-rays, bite and the capacity of teeth to support the device pressure. This kind of orthodontic treatment can take between 9 months and 3 years, or even more, according to complexity of the orthodontic problem.

There are some cases when the entire jaw is in the wrong position, and in these cases effect of orthodontic device must be completed by a surgical intervention.

Until few years ago, the only option was mobile orthodontic device, but today there are many kinds of orthodontic devices. Orthodontic devices are made to allow physician to move teeth on all 3 axes. The patients can choose between orthodontic devices made from: stainless steel, gold, ceramic, plastic, or devices basically invisible.

The choice depends on many factors: what treatment involves (how badly affected is the bite, how crooked are the teeth, if the surgical intervention is necessary, the time needed to wear the device), physician’s preferences, financial cost, treatment’s duration and patient’s wish.

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