At OGODENT we perform the following surgical operations:

  • chirurgie-dentaraSimple and complicated dental extractions (wisdom teeth included total or partial)
  • Gum reshaping
  • Remodelling of teeth by dental implants. These are considered the best solution to replace lost teeth. Learn more at Dental Implantology (button)
  • Periodontal surgery procedures see details
  • Apical resection (surgical removal of dental granulomas)
  • Cystectomies

From all above procedures the most common is the insertion of dental implants.

Why dental implants are important?

  • They replace lost tooth root and prevent adjacent teeth migration
  • Allow fixed prosthesis in situations that would have required mobile prosthesis (total edentulous patients)
  • Stops the bone atrophy
  • Prevent gingival retraction and bone resorption
  • Essential role in aesthetic dentistry

At OGODENT we find together the best solution for your dental health.