Ceramic work on 8 implants

In this case it’s obvious the advantages of using dental implants. By using 8 dental implants inserted in jaw this patient has relieve of wearing the uncomfortable and unsightly full mobile denture. On those 8 dental implants we have made metallic-ceramic bridges which were cemented on titan abutment.

The dentures mounted on dental implants are felt by patients as natural teeth, and those patients can smile again with trust!

Ceramic dentures mounted on zirconium support

The main advantages of using zirconium ceramic crowns

  • Superior aesthetics than ceramic crown mounted on metal because the zirconium has translucence similar to natural teeth. You can observe this in the above picture where the crowns are putted on the model.
  • There is no difference between natural teeth and those which are wrapped with zirconium crowns as you can see in the picture with patient smile
  • Zirconium has a greater resistance than metal to masticator pressures
  • There are no allergic reactions
  • There are no gum retractions
  • Due to its light weight they are giving a great comfort to the patient
  • High accuracy when creating the zirconium skeleton due to computer processing of zirconium block

Pressed ceramic veneer