Prosthetics is a specialty of dentistry that aims to achieve balanced teeth through functionality and aesthetics

protetica-dentaraProsthetic devices include:

  • Ceramic crowns and zirconium metal – see details
  • Bridges – which are made by using adjacent teeth guilds edentulous
  • Dental Veneers see details
  • Dental Inlays
  • Skeletal prostheses (fix), total and partial prostheses ( mobile)

Crown is recommended when a tooth has lost much of its structure. This restores the natural appearance of the tooth and in terms of compliance with the hygiene and prophylaxis may have a lifespan of over 10 years.

Bridges replace one or more missing teeth and can be performed on polished teeth or on dental implants.
Dental Veneers are used mainly for aesthetic reasons. With dental veneers we can solve the aesthetic aspect of teeth. They are made from ceramic for spectacular results.

Dental inlay fillings are an alternative if the surface of the tooth has suffered a great loss of substance.