The most popular methods include scaling and dental prophylaxis cleanings, fluoridation local and sealing deep grooves.


Dental sealing consists of applying resin materials on posterior teeth, having the purpose to reduce and prevent tooth decay by making the chewing surfaces smooth areas and less retentive for food. Sealant application procedure is simple and short.



Tartar is formed by mineralization over time of plaque along with calcium salts thereof. It adheres to the teeth, but also to other tough areas, namely: restorations (fillings), dental bridges, dentures, implants and orthodontic appliances (fixed or mobile) and can be a contributing factor for the occurrence of periodontal disease. 
Along with scaling will make a professional brushing, so besides tartar, and eliminate all stains and deposits from teeth and tooth surface becomes smooth and glossy. 


Dental whitening is a process of dentin discoloration and tooth enamel stains using special gels containing peroxo compounds which brought in intimate contact with teeth release active oxygen. Degradation products resulted from bleaching includes oxygen, water and ammonia, products which normally exist in the human body, so absolutely harmless to it.

profilaxie-dentaraDental whitening is indicated for all patients who want to have a bright and attractive smile. The degree of bleaching depends on the structure and type of dyes teeth is frequently exposed. Bleaching process is operating only on natural teeth, fillings, veeners, crowns or bridges are not affected.

Some patients may feel an increased sensitivity to cold or mild discomfort in the teeth. These symptoms disappear within 1-3 days after completion of treatment. During treatment avoid drinking cold or hot drinks, citrus consumption and smoking.

Dental bleaching effect generally lasts 2-3 years depending on the type and frequency of extrinsec dyes acting on the teeth (coffee drinkers, juices, smokers will benefit from this effect a shorter period of time). Treatment may be resumed periodically to maintain the desired esthetic dentistry.