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Igiena Dentara Ploiesti

Dental Hygiene

The most common methods for dental prophylaxis are dental scaling and cleanings, fluoridation local and sealing grooves deep and fossets. Ogodent Family Dental Practice is available for any information on dental health care and teeth whitening, answers to frequently asked questions.

Tratamente si Implanturi Dentare Ploiesti

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most modern and advanced dental surgeries solution used to replace missing teeth having high success rate. Reliable and rigorous techniques and implant procedures have evolved rapidly, occupying today an important role in developing prosthetic treatment plan for the restoration of various forms of edentulism.


Servicii stomatologice Ploiesti

Services and Fees

Our prices reflect the quality of our services and our high level of training, meeting patients with the best quality / price. Because every patient is different, we invite you to visit us in order to make together a personalized dental treatment plan, perfect for your oral health status.